A Happy Look Back at Quiltcon

IMG_0824So QuiltCon was fun.

I know, it’s been a while. I realized the last time I wrote I was on my way to Austin for a big adventure. As you can see, even though I went alone, I had plenty of quilty excitement.

Ninja PouchFirst off, I made this matchy ninja pouch for my bag (see last post). I made it with fusible fleece but I think next time I should either double the fleece or use something stiffer. This one, big as it is, is a little slouchy when it is not full. IMG_0834

I also made this little purse that was big enough for my new iPhone 6+ (thank you honey) and money and such. I know the pics are less than fantastic, I was so excited to finally post that I didn’t touch up much and this picture was taken in the lobby on my jacket. I got the pattern from a QuiltNow magazine. I’ll change a few things when I make it again but I do really love it. IMG_0812Back to the matter at hand

IMG_0837I took some great classes like this one with Christy Fincher where we did curved piecing without pins! This was my masterpiece…

IMG_0846These are the class masterpieces.

IMG_0836I also took a class on a new way to do cathedral windows with Johanna Masko. I managed to get the center done. As you might imagine I still have the rest to work on and somehow I can’t find those little squares anymore, honestly I have no idea what happened to them. Fortunately I have more of those fabrics, shocked?

IMG_0859I also took a class with the ever so famous and gracious Angela Walters. It was a free motion quilting class on these huge long arm machines and it was great practice but I don’t have much physically to show for it, I decided the practice quilt did not need to go home with me.

I took two other classes: Yoshiko Jinzenji taught us how to use crazy fabrics I haven’t been near since my costume construction days in college (in the late 80’s). We made these really fun pillows in lightening speed. Perhaps when I finish it up I’ll post a picture. Lastly, I took a late night embroidery class with Alison Glass. I have never embroidered before so that was a really neat experience. I’d like to play around some more with that to add to my quilty arsenal.

I also went to a plethora of lectures with equally famous quilters. So much fun in such a short time.

IMG_0819Don’t get me wrong there was a bit of partying as well. Don’t you love the beer cups supplied at the Moda party? You know I swiped some clean ones and took them home for thread catchers.

IMG_0833The show floor was a ball too. I made this pincushion at the Cotton and Steel booth where they had sewing machines and scraps of their fabric to play with.

IMG_0821I even got a very generous swag bag from MassDrop. If you haven’t experienced them yet, I warn you, they are full of quilty goodness.

I would show pictures from the actual show but I don’t have permission from any of the artists and they are pretty easy to find on the inter webs. I just wish they had laid out the quilts in a more systematic manner, I spent hours looking at those quilts and some I saw multiple times, others I missed entirely. Sad, but hopefully they’ll change that next year in Pasadena. Next time I’m bringing mom! I can’t wait.


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I am the Online Services and Instruction Librarian at San Diego Mesa College, I have a doctorate in Education Technology from Pepperdine University. When not quilty/sewing I like to do Muay Thai kickboxing :-)
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